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Parents Making a Difference

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Parent Council Roster


Who we are

We are the parents, staff and advocates of children receiving special education services in the Encinitas Union School District.  We have volunteered to serve on the Parent Council because we strongly  believe we can make a difference in our community.


To foster the inclusion, respect, and understanding of children with disabilities through innovative programs and community events.


To serve as a support network for students with disabilities and their families.

To facilitate activities and events for all students to raise awareness, acceptance, and understanding of our differences, as well as our similarities. 

To promote communication between special education parents and the school district, including individual school sites.

To serve as a forum to share ideas and information pertaining to special education within the EUSD.

To collaborate with the school community to continually improve the educational opportunities for students with disabilities.


- Inclusion in Action -

In the classroom,

on the playground,

and beyond!

PTA Special Education Representatives
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The Special Education Parent Council is comprised of district staff and PTA Special Education Representatives (Reps) - parent volunteers from each of the district's nine PTAs.  The dual-service role provides an inclusive voice for our students with disabilities and their families at the school and district level; and influences the budgeting and planning processes for PTA programs at each school site.  Reps plan and implement their school's annual Inclusion in Action program in coordination with the Parent Council.  Reps also work with their school's Room Representatives to promote awareness of the unique needs of special education students, encouraging inclusive practices in all parent-directed classroom activities.  Click HERE to contact your school's Rep. 

EEF Special Education Chapter
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The Encinitas Educational Foundation (EEF) Special Education Chapter is the funding mechanism of the Special Education Parent Council.  The mission is to fund inclusion activities on all nine EUSD campuses.  The primary programs supported by the EEF Special Education Chapter are peer inclusion programs, disability awareness programs, mini-grants for staff, and community events supporting special education families.  The chapter is governed by an elected board that includes both parents and district staff. 


Click HERE to donate to the EEF Special Education Chapter.     



The North Coastal Consortium for Special Education (NCCSE) is a group of 14 school districts in north coastal San Diego County that collaborate and consolidate resources for special education.  Each district participates in NCCSE's Community Advisory Committee (CAC) by providing two parent representatives and one staff representative. The EUSD Director of Pupil Personnel Services attends CAC planning meetings twice annually and meets with EUSD CAC Representatives regularly.  This team works collaboratively to identify district Special Education priorities as related to the NCCSE CAC framework.

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